Assistance Program

assistance program

Comprehensive care and planning for patients with chronic illnesses

At AB Specialty Pharmacy, we make sure to help our customers understand their prescription benefits. We will assist you by researching the best possible benefit coverage to go with your current insurance plan

You can choose from:

  • Patient assistance programs
  • Manufacturer programs
  • Co-pay Cards
  • Share of Cost

Please note that manufacturer programs vary and can be used in conjunction with a patient’s government sponsored plan, but do not include patients who receive federal or state benefits. See more below to find out the difference we can make in your routine.

Personalized service

Our Chronic Disease Management technicians – Brittany, and Neva – are available to assist customers Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

We can tailor educational programs to fit your individual needs. For more information, contact the pharmacy at 727-375-9520

Fax your complete enrollment form to 727-375-9552 or call: 877-375-9520