How To Use

  • Medicine-On-Time is prepared by a pharmacist for each individual resident BY TIME OF DAY for the medication administration.
  • Each “dose cup” has the resident’s name, day/date/time of the med pass, and identification for the medications inside the dose cup


The individual dose cups are connected together on a “calendar card” snapped into a “color-coded plastic frame.” (Below is an example of a blue frame, which represents someone’s NIGHT TIME medications.

There are different color-coded plastic frames which represent the various “time of day” that the medications are to be taken. The breakdown of colors are as follows:

Yellow = morning
White = midday
Orange = dinner
Blue = night
Green = “as needed” dose
Red = other


To pass medications, turn calendar pack over so you see the “writing” side of the card. Starting in the TOP LEFT corner, verify that the patient’s name, day/date/time, and medications are correct and for the indended resident.

  • The dose cups can detach away from the calendar card OR you can tear your finger through the dose cup label, and remove the contents:
  • thumb
  • Note:

    When detaching a dose cup from the card, place thumb over next dose cup’s “edge” to prevent it from lifting out of the frame. Be careful not to poke a hole in the next dose cup!

  • tab
Document the results of the medication pass on the MAR and/or charting form.